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Simpli5 Braces In Edinburgh

Simpli5 is an aligner system which involves wearing a series of aligners to gradually straighten the teeth. Treatment with Simpli5 involves wearing a series of aligners to gradually move the teeth into the desired position. As the name suggests, there is a maximum of 5 aligners. If you wear aligners on the top and bottom teeth, there will be a maximum of 10 aligners.

  • Five Aligners Per Arch
  • Comfortable Aligners
  • Rapid Teeth Straightening
  • Gradual, Gentle Care

Each aligner should be worn for between three and four weeks and then replaced with the next in the series. Treatment should be complete after the last aligner has been worn for three or four weeks.

What are the advantages of Simpli5?

Simpli5 is an ideal treatment for people who have very minor orthodontic problems, giving them the option to improve their smile without having to wear bulky, unattractive braces. The aligners are practically invisible to other people and work very quickly, with treatment often complete within 20 weeks. The aligners are designed to be as comfortable as possible and they can be removed, which offers the patient greater flexibility and allows them to enjoy better oral hygiene.

Who can benefit from Simpli5?

Simpli5 is not suitable for everyone, but it is regardless beneficial in the following circumstances:

  • Minor orthodontic problems: Simpli5 can treat minor problems related to the bite, crowding and spacing between the teeth.
  • Orthodontic relapse: If the teeth have moved after previous orthodontic treatment, Simpli5 aligners can help to reposition the teeth.
  • Refinement: Following other orthodontic treatment, Simpli5 aligners can be used to make final touches and refinements to the smile.
  • Pre-veneer treatment: Simpli5 can be used to straighten the teeth and correct minor imperfections before veneers are attached to the teeth.

How long does treatment take?

Treatment time depends on the individual case but treatment should be complete within a maximum of 20 weeks.

Are the Simpli5 aligners painful?

Simpli5 aligners are designed to be as comfortable as possible. However, like all other orthodontic appliances, they may take a little getting used to. Initially, they may feel a bit tight and there may be mild discomfort, but this should subside very quickly.