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Fastbraces Edinburgh

Fastbraces are a modern, affordable alternative to traditional braces. The non-extraction technique employed by the cosmetic braces corrects the alignment of teeth and improves the bite of the lower and upper sets of teeth.

  • Quicker Treatment
  • Gentle Straightening
  • No Extractions Needed
  • Uses Only One Wire

Laura completed Fast Braces treatment to close her upper midline gap

David completed Fast Braces treatment and deep bleaching.

How fast is the treatment?

Unlike traditional braces, Fastbraces use only one wire and are able to move teeth much quicker. Treatment times vary depending on the patient but usually last between 3-10 months. In the majority of cases, teeth are not removed unless it is essential for health reasons.

Are Fastbraces safe?

The technology is well established in the USA and has helped thousands of patients to achieve straighter teeth. There is no more risk involved in having Fastbraces than there is with traditional systems. In fact, there is less chance of enamel being damaged or tooth demineralisation, with low forces being employed to successfully align teeth.

What happens during treatment?

The movement of the teeth crowns and roots is gentle and causes minimal sensitivity. Only five dental check-ups are required to ensure treatment is progressing as expected, but mild cases may only require one dental check-up!

There will only be 20 minutes of retention required each day, so a retainer will not be needed during the day once treatment is finished. Also, because there are fewer dental appointments required and the treatment is finished in a short space of time, Fastbraces have proven to be one of the most affordable cosmetic braces available today.

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