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Dental Crowns Edinburgh

Dental crowns are designed to cover the visible surface of a damaged tooth, adding strength and stability for the protection of future oral health. Many circumstances can lead to a tooth becoming damaged, including:

  • Ageing
  • Tooth decay
  • Large fillings
  • Grinding your teeth

Barbara had a smile makeover entailing gum surgery, teeth whitening and all ceramic crowns and bridgework. Ian decided to treat himself to deep teeth bleaching too

Crowns are permanent ‘caps’ that fit over an existing tooth. They look and work in exactly the same way as natural teeth do. They are usually recommended in cases where a tooth cannot hold a filling due to decay or if there is a danger of a cracked tooth breaking. Fitting closely and comfortably to the gum, dental crowns guard what is left of the original tooth. They can last for a number of years if they are maintained with good oral hygiene.

Technique to fit a crown

  • Create a dental impression of a prepared tooth
  • Implant the crown at a later appointment
  • This method means strong materials can be used, improving the durability of the crowns
  • In many cases, computers are now used in the design and construction of crowns and bridges

Barnton Dental Spa is proud to offer Lava Crowns to patients in Edinburgh. These provide an exact fit, strength and durability, as well as aesthetic benefits. They are made of ceramic with a base of zirconia and their translucency gives them a natural appearance. Lava Crowns can be matched to the precise colour of each individual’s teeth.

Creating a Lava Crown

  • An impression being taken of your mouth and sent to a laboratory, where computer design technology is used to create a model of the mouth
  • The dental technician will then create a framework for each restoration and build layers of ceramic onto it so that the end result will match your natural teeth
  • Finally, the dentist will fit the finished restoration in your mouth