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At Barnton Dental Spa we realise that some people are very nervous of dental treatment and may have put off coming to the dentist for several years. Barnton Dental Spa has over 10 years of experience in helping people with dental anxiety and is delighted to be able to offer dental treatment under sedation to such patients or to those who are undergoing lengthy or complex procedures.

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Helen is extremely anxious and had her treatment carried out under intravenous sedation.

Gregor was very nervous to recieve endodontic treatment, and credits sedation for being able to go through with the treatment.

Dental Sedation uses, in most cases, a drug called Midazolam. This is administered and closely monitored by Chris Greenhagh a highly experienced Consultant Anaesthetist. Midazolam creates a sleepy, dream like state in which patients feel immediately and deeply relaxed. This is often referred to as “sleep dentistry”, although patients are never actually asleep and are able to communicate with their dentist throughout the procedure. Dentistry is then completed as normal with local anaesthetic used to prevent discomfort during treatment.

Once the treatment is complete the deep sedation effects can be reversed and afterwards patients have little or no recollection of events. This a normal effect of the drug. However, people will feel somewhat drowsy and unsteady afterwards and will need to be escorted home and rest for the remainder of the day.

For those whose anxiety can prevent sleep before a dental visit, oral sedatives can be provided to aid a good nights rest.

Our guidance for sedation on the day that you have treatment:

On the day of your appointment:

  • Bring a responsible adult to the appointment
  • Give our team details of any change to your medical history
  • Take any medication as normal
  • Ensure that you wear comfortable clothing
  • Do not bring children with you that you may need to look after following your treatment
  • Avoid drinking any alcohol before or after your treatment
  • You must fast for 4 hours before your appointment (a small amount of plain water is acceptable)

After your appointment:

  • Be sure to get lots of rest and relax
  • Follow any instructions you have been given
  • Have a responsible adult look after you for the rest of the day
  • Take any medicines you have been given
  • Do not drive or operate any machinery
  • Do not sign any important documents for at least 24 hours
  • Do not drink any alcohol for 48 hours

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