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Inman Aligner Edinburgh

The Inman Aligner is a ground-breaking alternative to invisible braces. It can be inserted and removed in the same manner as a retainer and leaves you with a great smile in no time. Simply put, the Inman Aligner is more convenient and cost-effective than most braces.

  • Removable
  • Straighter Teeth in Weeks
  • Only One Appliance
  • Cost-Effective

Liz straightened her lower front teeth with inman aligner followed by teeth whitening and two upper veneers to complete her smile transformation. Helen was referred by Liz for a dental implant and some crown and bridgework.

How does it work?

With time, teeth can sometimes start to shift and lead to teeth crookedness. This can cause problems for those who have had orthodontic treatment in the past and can result in the front teeth crowding or rotating. The Inman Aligner gently guides your front teeth into the correct position in just a few weeks and eliminates the need for fixed braces.

How does it compare to Invisalign?

Invisalign uses a slower method of treatment as it is comprised of a special kind of plastic and uses more gradual forces. The Inman Aligner maintains a higher tension through the incorporation of small springs made of nickel titanium. Treatment time with the Inman Aligner is often quicker than that of clear braces. However, it will not be suitable for every patient and is used primarily in the treatment of front teeth.

Will it be uncomfortable?

Discomfort is minimal as the orthodontic forces are steady but gentle. Mild painkillers may be used during the adjustment period but this should only last a few days.

Will my speech be affected?

For the first two weeks your speech will be affected, but once your mouth has become accustomed you will be able to speak as normal.

Will I need multiple appointments?

The Inman Aligner has been designed with the aim of reducing the need for multiple appointments. A treatment plan will be prescribed based on your specific needs.

  • A coil spring is used to place pressure on the teeth that need to be repositioned, as well as a labial bar to reverse the pressure.
  • Together, these components push and pull the teeth, causing them to be ‘squeezed’ together.
  • While you grow accustomed to wearing the device you may salivate more than normal for up to 48 hours and speech can be affected for up to 10 days.
  • After roughly a week you will have adapted to wearing the Inman Aligner.
  • It is not compulsory to wear the appliance over 24 hours, but dentists recommend it be worn for 16-20 hours daily for maximum effectiveness.

Will my teeth move back?

In order to preserve the results a fixed retainer may be fixed to the back of the front teeth. The wire used for this is extremely thin and not visible from the front