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Twin Blocks

What are overjets?

The top teeth will ordinarily be in front of the bottom ones by between two and four millimetres. This is what is known as your overjet.

What is a Twin-Block?

Twin-Blocks are braces that align the jaw. They are powerful and can shrink an overjet to 4mm from 10mm in as little as four months.

When should I wear the Twin-Blocks?

Twin-Blocks harness the power of your chewing muscles and need to be worn at all times. If you find that your jaw is getting tired when you first wear the appliance, you should just let your mouth rest for a while by leaving the brace out. The braces are expensive to replace and should be kept in a safe place. A brace-box can be purchased—your dentist or orthodontist will be able to provide more details.

Can I eat whilst the Twin-Blocks are in?

They have been designed so that you can eat while wearing the braces, but do not worry if you are finding this too tricky at first. Ideally, you should wear the braces at all times, but if you do take them out to eat while getting used to the treatment it will not impair the results. The teeth will still straighten but it will happen at a slower rate.

How should I clean my teeth?

Remove your brace and clean your teeth the same way you would normally. It is vital that you keep the brace clean, and the best way to achieve this is with a toothbrush. If you are unable to brush after each meal you should at least use water to rinse the brace. You can also speak to your dentist or orthodontist about a special cleaner that is suitable for braces.

Do I need to turn the screw?

The upper block will normally have a screw fitted and this will need to be turned. You will need to turn it once in the direction indicated by the arrow, two days during the week, for example Thursday and Sunday.

Can I still play sports?

The best thing to do is remove the brace if you are playing sports. You should remember to have your name on the brace box.

Can I still play musical instruments?

Ideally, you should take your brace out if you are playing certain types of musical instrument. Once again, make sure your brace is stored safely.

What should I do if my brace breaks?

Sometimes the wire or plastic parts of the brace can break. You can still wear the brace if you are able to, but if not you should get in touch with your dentist to make an appointment.

What will happen if my teeth have to be straightened?

If your teeth are crooked then a fixed brace will have to be fitted to correct them once the Twin-Block treatment has finished.