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Extra grip Brush Holder

An Extra Grip Brush Holder should be used alongside any TePe toothbrush, the handle of which is specially designed to assist people who find it difficult to hold a standard toothbrush handle. This may be the case if you have arthritis or Parkinson’s, for example, but it can also be advantageous for children, who tend to be more comfortable using a broader handle.

Does it fix onto the toothbrush?

Once the brush has been placed within the handle it is firmly fixed and there is no danger of it falling out when brushing.

How do I remove it after brushing?

The handle should come out using simply finger pressure, but if it does remains in place tap the end of it on a table to release the brush.

How should I clean the Extra Grip Brush Holder?

Any toothpaste left on the handle should be cleaned off using hot water and a little brush. It is dishwasher-proof, but you can ask your dentist for more information on the use of an Extra Grip Brush Holder if unsure.