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Why missing teeth should be replaced

One of the main reasons for replacing missing teeth is aesthetics as it can make the face appear older than it is. Other reasons are that:

  • Tooth gaps can lead to more strain being placed on the teeth either side of the gap
  • Gaps can also affect your bite as other teeth may move into the spaces left. This can impact the way in which your lower and upper teeth come together when you bite
  • Food debris can become lodged in the gap and lead to issues such as gum disease and tooth decay

What materials are used for bridges?

Ordinarily, bridges are constructed from a base of precious metal. Porcelain may also be fixed to the base of the bridge if it is likely to show. In some cases, the cost of the bridges can be reduced by using alternative, non-precious metals for the base.

Are they expensive?

Constructing and fitting a bridge will require a considerable amount of skill and expertise from both the technician and the dentist. In addition to this the materials needed to construct a bridge are fairly expensive. As a result a bridge is one of the more costly restorative options but will be designed to last as a long term solution.

How should they be maintained?

In order to prevent issues such as gum disease and bad breath a bridge should be cleaned thoroughly each day. The area under the false tooth should also be cleaned on a daily basis. A standard toothbrush is not able to clean hard to reach areas, so a dental hygienist or dentist should demonstrate the use of either a special floss or bridge needle.

Are there different types?

There are numerous types of dental bridge currently available and different methods of fixing them. A dentist will select the type of bridge most suited to your specific case.