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Amalgam fillings

Amalgam (or silver) fillings are comprised of a metal base and are traditionally used for treating tooth decay. They have been used for a number of years, although they do have small amounts of mercury in them.

What are they?

It is very common for individuals to have fillings of some sort. However, silver fillings can cause some people to feel self-conscious as the filling can be seen when opening their mouth, but in such cases, there are now cosmetic options available.

How long will they last?

Traditionally, white fillings were considered to be weaker and not to last as long as amalgam fillings. However, innovations modern dentistry means that white fillings have similar properties to silver amalgam fillings and are extremely effective. How long they last can vary according to factors such as your bite and how you care for the restoration. A dentist can give you advice on how long your fillings will last at your appointment.

Should I replace my silver fillings with tooth-coloured ones?

If your dentist advises you that an old filling needs replacing, you can request that it is replaced with a composite filling. Dentists advise that you only have your filling replaced when necessary.

What are white fillings made of?

The materials used vary but they primarily consist of synthetic resin, glass particles and a setting component. At your dental appointment the dentist will be able to provide further information about the specific material to be used.