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Having had work done on my teeth at various points over the years I am generally quite nervous at the dentist! However the team at the Barnton Dental Spa were very welcoming and reassuring. The treatment was no hassle at all, I had to have a break in the middle of treatment due to a personal matter and the staff were great about this also. I will definitely be back at some point to get more work done!

Joanne Mair
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I have recently finished treatment using the Inman Aligner and have to say I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I had never been happy with my crooked smile and it was worsening as the years went on. Making the decision to go ahead with this reasonably priced treatment has been one of the best things I have ever done.

I attended for the free consultation and was able to know very quickly if I was suitable for Inman. What attracted me to this particular treatment was that I was able to remove the device whenever I wanted. This was a particular benefit for me as I did not want to wear the aligner for work or social outings. Dr Khaira explained that not wearing the Inman Aligner full time would lengthen my treatment slightly and it was good to have my expectations set from the start. Even though I was adding weeks on onto the treatment with my part time wear, this did not increase the price.

Every appointment was friendly and relaxed and it was great to have a wee chat with Gursinder in reception before I went in. I was always able to get an appointment to suit me and was never kept waiting.

Once the aligner had done the bulk of the work in moving my teeth I changed to a clear retainer which I wear full time at the moment. No one ever knows I am wearing it and I'm so used to it being there. As the treatment progressed it was encouraging to see the changes and it's clear that Dr Khaira is passionate about his work. We went on for an extra few weeks to get a final perfect result.

I cannot recommend this treatment or the Barnton Dental Spa enough. I am so thrilled with the results of my straightening. The Aligner did its work perfectly, I was able to live my life and no one knew I was even doing it!

Ten out of ten!!!!

Thanks so much

Kerry Campbell
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I recently had my teeth straightened/aligned with the Inman Aligner, which is a fairly new treatment and a great alternative to conventional braces, as it works much faster!

I went to Barnton Dental Spa for the free consultation with Dr Khaira who talked me through the options and suggest the Inman Aligner for me. In particular I had one front tooth that protruded, which I was always quite self conscious about so I was keen to have something done about it, but didn't want to wear braces for a year or two! The Aligner did impede my speech a bit but the good thing is that it is removable, and it is virtually pain free, apart from a little discomfort for a few minutes when taking it out and putting in back, but only for the first couple of weeks. The whole process only took 10 weeks from start to finish and I am absolutely delighted with the result!!

I know a lot of people are afraid of going to the dentist, but Dr Khaira really makes you feel so at ease. He listens to what you are saying and talks you through everything. Gursinder at the front desk and all the nurses are really friendly too. I would happily recommend Barnton Dental Spa and the Inman Aligner treatment to anyone!


My upper and front teeth were in poor condition and the middle two twisted.

It was suggested to me that the Inman Aligner and some crown (upper and lower) would make a big improvement. I was given time to think about it and decided to go ahead with treatment.

Dr Khaira carried out the work in his usual friendly and professional manner, keeping me well informed at every stage.

The Barnton Dental Spa is a very modern and pleasant place to visit and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

George Hepburn
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I smile with so much more confidence now I know my teeth are looking their best. Throughout the treatment the staff at Barnton Dental Spa demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism and care in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Linda Watson
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Leigh attended the practice for a free consultation to align her upper front teeth further to relapsed orthodontic treatment. Leigh's upper incisors teeth were successfully re aligned using the inman aligner within four months.

Leigh Mcrea
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Luigi attended the practice seeking options to re align his lower incisors further to relapsed orthodontic treatment. He had completed comprehensive orthodontic treatment six years ago. His teeth were aligned in three months using the inman aligner.

Luigi Petreschi
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Mrs Preston sourced the practice online seeking a smile enhancement and was treated with inman aligner to straighten her lower incisors prior to two veneers on her upper lateral incisors. Mrs Preston now attends the practice regularly for her maintenance.

Elizabeth Preston
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

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It's fair to say that, in my case, the pictures speak for themselves. A combination of teeth that could only be described as reminiscent of a broken piano, were only worsened when I broke my front tooth, throwing my face at a granite bolder whilst hiking! Like most people living with teeth that quite literally, were nothing to smile about, it had been my intention to get them straightened, and in the case of the broken tooth, crowned, as soon as possible.

If you are reading this, you probably already know that by getting your teeth straightened, you're going to notice a huge difference and love the results...

Catriona Brown (Read More)

Before and after photographs always look good. They wouldn't be shown otherwise. Mine are no different. I'm really delighted with the outcome. But photographs can only depict results, and show nothing about how they were achieved. Like a maths exam at school, the correct result is of little use without knowing the workings. In my opinion, the workings don't come any better than they do at BDS. I visited a few places before deciding on my treatment. The decisive factor for me was the personnel, and I made an excellent decision on that basis. Dr Khaira is simply one of the most outstanding professionals I have ever had the pleasure to meet...

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