Wedding Photos - © Rod Irvine
Wedding Photos - © Rod Irvine

Welcome to Barnton Dental Spa for dentistry in the heart of Edinburgh

Here at Barnton Dental Spa our goal is not only to look after your dental health, but to help improve your entire sense of well-being whilst you choose to relax or indulge in our spa treatments.

We are committed to providing our clients with both general and cosmetic dentistry. Our oral care professionals work hard to maintain a high standard of dental care for not only yourself, but your whole family. Our dental experts listen to exactly what you would like to accomplish with your treatment so that we can create a treatment plan tailored exactly to meet your specific needs.

As cosmetic dentists also experienced in smile makeovers, we are dedicated to providing the finest quality dental care so that you can confidently care for your glowing smile.

In addition to cosmetic and general dentistry we also offer treatments such as anti-wrinkle treatments, and an array of Spa treatments and Botox.

Further to some extensive research, Mr Hogg contacted the practice via e mail from Venezuala seeking some crown and bridgework in addition to two dental implants supporting a bridge to fill his lower left gap. He lost the teeth in his lower left side some 30 years ago and with the advances in dentistry now felt implants were the best solution going forwards. Three separate trips were organised over a series of e mails over a period of nine months to complete all the treatment before Mr Hogg returned to South America.

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"It's fair to say that, in my case, the pictures speak for themselves. A combination of teeth that could only be described as reminiscent of a broken piano, were only worsened when I broke my front tooth, throwing my face at a granite bolder whilst hiking! Like most people living with teeth that quite literally, were nothing to smile about, it had been my intention to get them straightened, and in the case of the broken tooth, crowned, as soon as possible.

If you are reading this, you probably already know that by getting your teeth straightened, you're going to notice a huge difference and love the results, so instead of telling you how I can't stop smiling etc, I'll tell you what you can't see in the pictures. By this, I mean, what kind of guy is this dentist?!

Well, the answer is pretty good. Dr Khaira is a rare breed of dentist who is blessed with a personality, and who doesn't just see teeth, but recognises that they're attached to a person! Rather than simply tell me what was going to happen in terms of "me dentist: you patient" we had discussions about my treatment and why he was doing things the way he was, or wanted to take a particular course of action. Most importantly, I never felt that I was being forced down any path of treatment I didn't fully understand or wasn't sure I wanted, but felt pressured into going along with because "he knew best".

Finally, It would not be fair to finish this without pointing out the warm and friendly Practice Manager, Gursinder, who perfectly complements a very patient-centric practice."

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For more information about our general or cosmetic dental packages please call us for a free consultation today on 0131 336 1360

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Summary of services offered by Edinburgh dentists for accessibility

Sit back, relax and enjoy your stay at Barnton Dental Spa. At our state of the art clinic, based in the centre of Edinburgh, you can combine relaxation with dental treatment and be safe in the knowledge that you are being treated by Edinburgh dentists who are highly experienced in their field. Through the combination of our welcoming staff and modern premises, you can now look forward to your next trip to the dentist, and the many after that. Our number one priority is you; we will do our utmost to make sure that you are comfortable, you fully understand your treatment and that you leave the practice with the teeth you always wanted.

Practice owner Pritpal Singh Khaira, or Pritz for short, heads a team of respected professionals in their own right. Pritz himself, a leading Edinburgh cosmetic dentist is a member of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry and the British Dental Association, having gained experience in general practice and hospitals, where he worked with a range of patients including many who suffered from dental phobia. It is the Edinburgh Barnton Dental Spa teams’ belief that treatment should be performed in a relaxing environment, in which patients are free to voice their concerns and are given treatment specifically catered for their individual needs.

Cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh

As one of the leading providers of cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh it is no surprise that our range of treatment is extensive. Whether you are on the market to straighten your teeth, improve the colour of your teeth or you want to regain youthful skin that has become lost over time, we will make sure that your cosmetic needs are met. What’s more, we will ensure that patients understand their treatment completely and that they leave the practice with the look they always wanted.

Orthodontics in Edinburgh – The range of teeth straightening systems on offer at our clinic is vast, but we will make sure that you are given the system best for you. Crooked, gapped and crowded teeth can all become things of the past, thanks to teeth straightening systems like:

Inman Aligner Edinburgh

6 Month Smiles Edinburgh

Invisalign invisible braces Edinburgh

Dental implants Edinburgh – Missing teeth can occur because of decay, gum disease or trauma, but thanks to dental implants you will be given a new lease of life when it comes to your smile. Dental implant will improve not only the structure of your teeth but also aesthetic appearance.

Tooth whitening in Edinburgh – Discoloured teeth are a problem that can affect the best of us, though coffee and smoking are the main causes. At Barnton Dental Spa, we offer professional in-clinic teeth whitening or you can choose our at home teeth whitening kit, both of which are able to give you the pearly whites you desire.

Facial Cosmetics – It is not only dental treatment that we offer at our dental clinic, but also facial rejuvenation treatment through the use of Botox. Through simple and quick treatment, you will be rid of wrinkles and other signs of age in no time, giving you the youthful appearance you had always considered a thing of the past.