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Tongue Cleansing

What is the purpose of tongue cleansing?

Tongue cleansing offers a fast, effective way of keeping your mouth fresh and healthy, with many recent scientific studies having confirmed its necessity on a regular basis. It helps to remove potentially harmful bacteria from the mouth.

What do we know about the tongue?

The back of the tongue is a major breeding ground for micro-organisms, one of the main causes of bad breath. They are also responsible for the development of bacteria and resultant plaque, as well as promoting tooth decay and gingivitis. It is vital that you reduce the presence of micro-organisms in your mouth but particularly on your tongue.

Tongue cleansers are the perfect tool to use, along with your normal toothbrush, for achieving the best possible standards of oral cleanliness.

  • 9 in 10 people will struggle with bad breath at some stage
  • 90% of bad breath cases originate from what happens inside the mouth
  • 80% of this will come from the back of the tongue
  • Tongue cleansing is extremely important because it helps to remove bacteria from the deep grooves and fissures in the surface of the tongue. This helps to keep your mouth feeling fresh, clean and healthy.
  • Using a tongue cleanser will be seven times more effective than just using a toothbrush in maintaining tongue cleanliness.
  • Brushing teeth and tongue cleansing have proven almost 31/2 times more successful in getting rid of bad breath than only brushing the teeth.

What are the benefits of the Tongue Detox cleanser?

The design of Tongue Detox maximises the effectiveness and success of tongue cleansing. The material used is a supple, lightweight plastic with a handle that has been ergonomically designed to clean the tongue. It also has a unique mint, antibacterial aroma.

The safety and user-friendliness of the device means that one’s gag reflex is minimised during use. The Tongue Detox succeeds in getting rid of bacteria that could otherwise cause plaque and odour, as well as any food debris and dead cells. It will also remove the brown or white gelatinous layer which sometimes leads to bad breath.

What about smokers?

For smokers, tongue cleansing can effectively remove the thick brown layer which forms heavily on the surface of the tongue. This will reduce what is known as smoker’s breath.