Barnton Dental Spa - Edinburgh

Mini Flosser

A Mini Flosser is a pre-loaded holder for dental floss that makes the process of flossing easier. The dental floss is flexible and strong and will move easily in between tight tooth spaces.

Why is it important to clean between the teeth?

Food debris and plaque can become lodged in between the teeth and under your gum line. This has the potential to result in tooth decay and gum disease because these areas are often difficult to reach with a normal toothbrush. Using floss will remove food particles and plaque in such hard-to-reach areas.

What is the advantage of using a Mini Flosser?

Using standard floss can be quite difficult for some people, particularly those who find it hard to grip the device, but Mini Flosser provides a beneficial alternative.

How should it be used?

  1. Slot the Mini Flosser between two of your teeth
  2. Using the bite plane gently bite down to ease the floss between the teeth
  3. Once the floss has been inserted a gentle back and forth motion should be used to disturb, and ultimately remove, any plaque
  4. The floss can then be removed by pulling it up and away from your gum using a gentle sawing movement
  5. It should then be rinsed in clean water before repeating the process with the next space.
  6. This should continue until each space between your teeth has been cleaned.