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Hawley Retainer

The Hawley Retainer is a removable brace constructed from stainless steel wire and plastic. Its aim is to ensure teeth remain straight once a fixed brace is taken out by preventing the likelihood of relapse.

Will my dentist give me the retainer?

An orthodontist will usually supply patients with a Hawley Retainer after their orthodontic treatment has been completed. Ordinarily, the appliance will need to be worn all the time for three months, following which the retainer will just be worn at night.

How long will the process last?

It will need to be worn for a year after a fixed brace has been removed. A lot of dentists recommend patients wear such appliances until the age of 22 as this is when teeth growth tends to stop. This will vary from patient to patient and will need to be discussed with your dentist.

How should the Hawley Retainer be cleaned?

Soap and a toothbrush should be used to clean the retainer. Toothpaste is not recommended to be used as many of these products can damage the retainer. Make sure to clean the retainer over a sink full of water to prevent breakage in case you drop the appliance.

What if loss or damage occurs?

If you need a new Hawley Retainer you should make an appointment with your orthodontist to arrange this.