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Enamel Stripping

Do healthy teeth need to be removed?

Enamel stripping is a dental procedure that is not required in most dental procedures and teeth can often be straightened without the removal of any healthy teeth if tooth overcrowding is mild (2-4mm).

What does the process involve?

Enamel stripping involves the partial removal of enamel layers from teeth so that their width is slightly reduced. The process will not cause any pain to the patient.

How many teeth will be affected?

In most cases, the six front teeth will be stripped of enamel, but this will generally depend on the amount of space that is required.

Will a retainer need to be worn?

After the process of enamel stripping is complete the teeth will be aligned using a fixed brace. Bonded retainers are often fitted after the procedures of tooth stripping and brace fitting are complete. Bonded retainers are worn to preserve the results of treatment.

How long will I need a fixed brace?

The time a fixed brace needs to be worn can vary according to several factors, such as the number of teeth that have to be moved. Each case is different and only a qualified dentist can advise you on what needs to be done in your particular case.

Will it cause any permanent damage?

The process of enamel stripping will only remove part of the enamel and will not lead to any lasting damage.

Will I need any further treatment?

If there are any growth changes within the mouth you may require additional treatment in the future. Keeping up with regular dental check-ups will ensure that these are highlighted and attended to in due time.