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Dry Socket

What are dry sockets?

This is a dental health problem whereby a blood clot in the extraction socket disintegrates and prevents the healing process from occurring. This will occur in roughly 5% of extraction cases and will usually require pain-relief treatment.

How do they happen?

This can seem to happen for no apparent reason, although there are certain issues that can cause damage to the blood clot, such as smoking or excessive rinsing. It is best to follow the dentist’s guidance on maintaining dental health after an invasive procedure.

Is there any treatment available?

Conditions which are not overly serious will often be treated with the use of a pain relieving dressing. Antibiotics will not normally be used during this treatment.

How does the treatment work?

The purpose of this treatment is to relieve any pain or discomfort and allow the wound to heal completely. The socket can heal without treatment over time, but this will be extremely painful in the meantime.