Barnton Dental Spa - Edinburgh

Compact Tuft

It is a toothbrush comprised of a single tuft and filaments that are short and soft. These filaments have been designed with the aim of cleaning areas which are difficult to clean, including recently erupted teeth and implants.

Will it replace my normal toothbrush?

A compact tuft is to be used while still continuing your regular dental routine. It has not been designed to replace regular toothbrushes as its main purpose is to aid in accessing areas of the mouth that cannot be cleaned completely with a normal brush.

How does it work?

  • The filaments have been created to splay when pressure is applied, allowing them to gently remove plaque from the teeth
  • The most effective method of cleaning the gum line is by applying pressure to the brush, then gently rotating the splayed filaments on the gum margin, while holding them at a 45 degree angle
  • For teeth that are newly or partially erupted the area of the tooth which is exposed may be effectively cleaned by applying the splayed filaments to the surface

How often should it be used?

A compact tuft should be used for the minimum of once every day, unless you are advised otherwise by your hygienist or dentist.