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Bonded Wire Retainer

What are bonded wire retainers?

Bonded wire retainers are small wires that are glued to the interior of the bottom or top front teeth. They are often used in cases where dental treatment has caused significant changes to a patient’s bite and there is the small risk that these changes could be reversed by relapse.

How do they work?

After the braces have been removed a wire retainer is put in place to stop the teeth from shifting or moving out of alignment. It effectively ‘holds’ them in place due to the fact that it is flexible but bonded to the teeth.

Will any pain be caused by the retainer?

You should feel no discomfort or pain when wearing a bonded wire retainer.

How do I clean the retainer?

While cleaning the wire retainer and your teeth you should take extra care. Please speak to your dentist if unsure how to clean your retainer correctly.

How long will I need to wear it?

If the retainer is removed there is a risk (even after a number of years) that the teeth will relapse once again. It is advised to leave the appliance in place as long as it is intact.

Will it cause any damage?

Permanent marks of decay can be caused through insufficient teeth cleaning or if too many sugary foodstuffs are consumed. The best way to prevent any damage is to brush your teeth thoroughly and use a good quality fluoride mouthwash. Thorough cleaning is also required to prevent the build-up of tartar.

How often will the retainer need to be checked?

The retainer should be monitored during your routine check-ups.

How long will it last?

There may be occasions when a wire retainer will require replacing or repairing. This can be discussed at routine check-ups with your dentist.