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Dr Khaira and his team are the absolute best! After spending years looking for the right dentist I knew the moment I came across Barnton Dental Spa I had found the ideal practice to cater for my teeth. I knew I was suffering from dental problems as I had advanced gum disease causing gaps to appear between my upper bridgework. As a result of this, to my utter dismay I was told I had to have all my top teeth taken out. Having discussed all the available options at length including the pros and cons I decided to have 8 implants and bridgework with gum grafts......I know it sounds horrific and that's why I knew I had to find a special clinic. After leaving my initial consultation I knew I had found the right place. I set up my first appointment immediately. Anytime I had questions or concerns about the procedure, Dr Khaira made time to call me straight away. I've never been anywhere that seems to care more about their clients than here. I don't think I have ever been put on hold for long when phoning and am so impressed with how quickly all of my queries and concerns are answered. My case was very complex and a result of the healing that needed to take place, took several months. However, I had no complications, no infections, and barely any pain at all! For the first time in my life I am able to smile with confidence and not put my hand over my mouth. I was so delighted with the result that I then opted to have all my lower teeth crowned to match. Dr Khaira and his staff gave me a priceless gift. Thank you ever so much.

dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

I was in a very bad accident on holiday, several teeth were knocked out and a lot of my front ones were damaged. I went to Barnton Dental Spa for a consultation to see what could be done. At the time I had a gap at the side of my mouth where my teeth were missing and a brace holding the front ones together which were also out of place. As soon as I entered the Spa I felt welcomed and comfortable by all the staff. Pritz was fantastic, asked me everything that had happened and what treatment I had had so far, he done x-rays then gave me all my options. I felt I was fully informed and ready to decide which route to take. I decided on Dental Implants and a Bridge. The whole process took roughly 6 months; I was also made a plate to cover the gap to help me feel more confident during this time which I appreciated. Throughout the whole time I was informed of what was happening and what was getting done next and this built my confidence. Once the implants were fully put in they looked fantastic and felt natural. I would recommend them and Dental Spa to anyone. My regular treatment since them has also been first class.

Allison McCormick

I would commend Dr Khaira and his team for their high quality of attention in all areas of treatment: personal, practical and technical, involved in the successful implant procedures.

Having experienced many years of on-going difficulty with three front teeth, I was impressed by the detailed information, explanations and step by step updating which was given throughout.

The full process has now been completed for over a month and I am extremely pleased with the final results.

dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

I actually found Barnton Dental Spa by looking on the internet to find a dentist that did Implants. I got 3 quotations which were all fairly similar in costs but as cost alone was not the most important aspect, something just felt right about Barnton Dental Spa and Dr Khaira. The practice had a lovely feel, and all the staff are so friendly and welcoming, especially Gursinder and Monica. Even at my first consultation, I had X-rays taken, photographs etc. The practice then took the time to give me a follow-up call which is when I made my final decision that this was the right place for me to get my dental implants, it is obviously quite a big decision to make.

My two front teeth were originally crowns but were failing so there was only one option for me as I didn't want to have a bridge. From the very first appointment, I felt in completely safe hands with Dr Khaira, even the major part of the surgery, the bone graft and then the insertion of the titanium implants, although obviously uncomfortable, the caring nature of Dr Khaira and his assistant made you feel at ease. The care they take when setting you up for surgery was incredible. The surgery and the consultation room is pristine. It was then just a waiting game for the healing process before the final fitting of the crowns. I am over the moon at the results and am extremely happy with my new 'two front teeth' and as I said to Dr Khaira, they are just 'perfect'.

Veronica Thomson
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing, that’s what I think :)

I wanted to cry with happiness when I saw my teeth I can now smile for the first time in years.

I had major problems with gum disease and loose teeth when I arrived at the surgery but with the help of Pritz and his colleagues was relieved to find out I had options rather than dentures.

I am not going to say it was easy but well worth being uncomfortable as they say no pain no pain no gain.

You might think implants are expensive but no way well worth every penny add up what you spend on clothes, makeup your hair its nothing considering being able to smile again.

Thanks again I would be happy to speak to anyone thinking of getting this done if they want any advice.

Thanks again

Lynn Wyper

"I remember Dr Khaira every time I chew my food and thank him for his gift. I also recall the charming hours I spent in his stunning practice which witnesses his dedicated work with intense concentration. What dedication! What professional perfection! Dr Khaira has become a healer who blends the science and art of implanting of teeth with the least pain or discomfort and with the maximum speed and beauty. You are a wonderful dentist and your charming Practice Director Gursinder is second to none.

William Oswald
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

Mr Paterson was seeking options to fill his upper front gap further to a failed root canal treatment and subsequent loss of the tooth. Having discussed all the options he opted for a dental implant. A dental implant was placed with an artificial bone graft and restored with a crown four months later.

Gordon Patterson
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

Mr Hindson flew over from the Isle of Lewis further to sourcing the practice online. Further to some routine dentistry and three new crowns he opted to have an implant supporting a two unit bridge to fill his lower left gap. All the treatment was co-ordinated via e mail and carried out very successfully over two trips to Edinburgh.

Brian Hindson
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

Mr Mitchell, a regular attender of the practice presented with a failing Upper Left Central Incisor Post/Crown. Having considered all the options to replace the tooth he decided on an implant. A dental implant was surgically placed four months after removing the failing tooth and resultant infection. The final bespoke abutment and crown was placed four months later. Mr Mitchell now attends the dental hygienist every three months as part of his maintenance programme.

Brian Mitchell
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

Mrs Newman attended the practice for a free consultation further to watching a makeover programme. She lost her two Upper Central Incisors as a result of trauma in the the 1960s. Having discussed all the options to fill the gaps she opted for two dental implants. Due to the amount of bone loss we placed artificial bone grafts at the same time as the implants. The final implant crowns were placed four months later after a course of teeth whitening. Mrs Newman now attends the practice regularly for her maintenance.

Margaret Newman
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Further to some extensive research, Mr Hogg contacted the practice via e mail from Venezuala seeking some crown and bridgework in addition to two dental implants supporting a bridge to fill his lower left gap. He lost the teeth in his lower left side some 30 years ago and with the advances in dentistry now felt implants were the best solution going forwards. Three separate trips were organised over a series of e mails over a period of nine months to complete all the treatment before Mr Hogg returned to South America.

Kevin Hogg
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

The decision to have an implant stemmed from the day one of my front teeth broke off when eating a raw carrot - so much for vegetables being good for you? During the subsequent consultation, I was given various remedial options which included a denture or a bridge. A crown was not possible in my case because the root was too small.

I had a temporary denture fitted and found this spoiled my enjoyment of food and reduced my confidence greatly. Not wishing to have two good teeth effectively filed down to accommodate a bridge, I decided upon the implant.

I suffered no pain whatsoever during the entire process of implanting the pin, inserting the extension pin and then finally fitting the new tooth.

I appreciate implants are reasonably expensive but the positive impact which it has had on my confidence since being fitted has made it good value for money and I would have others fitted if required.

Henry Watters
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

Dental implants; two words which changed me from being someone who wore a denture from age 15 to a person who no longer wore a denture and could smile with confidence for the first time in many years. Incredible.

At first the treatment seemed daunting; sinus lifts and bone grafting before implants could be placed and then months of healing. Truly scary at times. However, Dr Abid Faqir, who did the work, was so professional and competent that I felt safe in his hands.

After sinus augmentation the swelling left me resembling a chipmunk for a few days followed by the "bearded lady look" as the purple bruising worked down my face. However, there was no pain. Later, frontal bone grafting gave me the " Miss Piggy meets Planet of the Apes" look. Again there was no pain. Indeed, there was never any pain at any time during the treatment.

Nearly a year later the final day arrived and the work was complete. I was truly stunned and delighted by the new me in the mirror to the extent that I was speechless. (most unusual!)

Abid Faqir is an exceptional dentist who has performed a miracle. No more denture. I can never thank him enough. All the team including Dr Khaira, his wife Rajdeep, dental nurse Fiona and Gursinder Khaira have been fantastic; calming and supportive when I was so nervous and apprehensive.

The new smile is wonderful and I consider myself so lucky to have been treated by Abid Faqir.

This has meant so much to me and was something I never thought was possible. A huge thank you to Abid, Dr Khaira and to all the staff at the Barnton Dental Spa for making this happen.

Alwyn Laird
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

The damage to the root of one of my front teeth left me with only a few options to replace the tooth. The options included a bridge or a plate, both of which would have not been a natural replacement.
Dr Khaira suggested an implant which would give me back a 'working' tooth with no plate or attachments. Dr Khaira and the team were excellent in talking me through all the steps. I was very well informed throughout the process and was always clear on what was happening. The new ceramic tooth matched perfectly with the other teeth in shape and colour.

After the implant procedure which all went to plan, I now have a perfectly matching new tooth, which does not even look like an implant, and a great new smile.

Colin Watson
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

Residing in London, at first, I relied on the website and phone communication for making the right clinical choice. I am very pleased with the entire treatment process. Having been provided with ridiculous quotes and treatment options in London, I was fed and decided to take a train to Edinburgh, and am glad that I did. Dr Khaira and his dedicated staff were very polite, impartial and professional, every stage of the process was patiently & clearly explained until I understood which is what I appreciated. Dr Khaira provided a reasonable quote, knowing the trips I would need to make to complete the treatment. This included implants along with bone grafting due to gum disease around all four incisors. Sincerest thanks to Dr Khaira, I am able to smile again with confidence and fully recommend his services.

S Kaur
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

A relative recommended me to Barnton Dental Spa. From the moment I made my first appointment at Barnton Dental Spa the service has been nothing but first class. On arriving I was greeted by Gursinder with her professional and friendly manner making me feel welcome and at ease. I had a problem with a tooth that had been root canal treated in the past. This tooth had to be removed (help!!!) I'm very fond of my teeth. Dr Khaira took time to discuss all the options with me. We decided the best treatment for me was an implant. Every stage of the procedure was carefully explained to me. I have to say that I thought I would have experienced some pain or discomfort but I was pleasantly surprised. No pain and little discomfort. I am very happy with the end result. I can smile and eat with confidence. Thank you Dr Khaira and all your staff for making this an enjoyable and pain free experience.

Jacqui Inglis
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

I had always wanted to whiten my teeth as they seemed to be darkening with the passing years, I was shocked to see how dingy they looked on digital photographs. I knew however, that my front bridge work would not whiten as it was not natural tooth. When the bridge came loose I saw this as an opportunity to improve the appearance of my smile. My dentist at that time told me the dark appearance of my teeth and the spaces gradually apperring between my lower teeth was down to my age and "wear and tear" so I decided to go elsewhere. After much research I contacted Pritz and arranged for a consultation with him at The Barnton Dental Spa.

It was the best decision I could have made, Pritz took me through all of the options available to me and offered advice but left the final decision to me completely. I opted for an implant because I had always deeply regretted the loss of my front tooth and had not liked the appearance of the bridgework. I also decided on the six months smiles to close the widening gaps in my lower teeth as I did not want to wear braces for several years.

I was slightly apprehensive of the implant because the gum had been closed for over ten years but I honestly had to see the x-ray Pritz took after he inserted the implant into my jaw before I could believe he had done it! Even after the anasthetic had worn off I there was no discomfort and within three months I had my new tooth which is a perfect replica of the one I lost. My Six Month Smiles braces came off to display lovely even teeth and I was then able to have the whitening treatment. Now I can't stop smiling and I genuinely feel younger.

Barbara Hitchin
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

Mrs Dowling, a regular attender of the practice decided to have an implant to replace her Lower Right First Molar gap. The implant was surgically placed and restored with a crown four months later.

Rhona Dowling
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

Having extracted Rona's Upper Left Second Premolar due to a failed Root Canal Treatment with her previous dentist we discussed the options available to fill the gap. Rona opted for an implant which was surgically placed three months after the extraction. The final implant abutment and crown was fitted four months later. The patient now attends the clinic for her regular maintenance.

Rona Mackintosh
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Further to losing her front tooth, Mrs Duffy opted to have a dental implant to restore the gap. As a result of excessive bone loss, Mrs Duffy required a block bone graft taken from her lower jaw followed by an implant nine months later. The implant was restored with a crown four months later.

Janis Duffy
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Further to a failed bridge and having worn a denture ( plate ) to fill the two space gap for a few months, Mrs Haddock opted for a dental implant supporting a two unit bridge. The implant was surgically placed with an artificial bone graft to compensate for the bone loss and restored with a bridge four months later.

Margaret Haddock
dentists edinburgh dental implant

"Dr Khaira, at last I'm in full possession of my "new" teeth and the result of your artistry in making them resemble my former natural ones is plain to see. Yes, they really do look just like the real thing and I can't thank you and your team enough for your splendid work.

From start to finish the treatment took five months and throughout that time Barnton Dental Spa's approach was always professional, but friendly at all levels. The initial Treatment Plan, with costing and diary, was impressive and I have no hesitation in recommending Barnton Dental Spa's services to all.

When discussing the procedure with friends, their looks of horror at the thought of having large pins screwed into the jawbone was a delight to see, as in reality it was no worse than having teeth extracted. The cost was seen as reasonable, particularly in view of the amount of work and expertise required.

I am indebted to Dr Khaira. Thank you for everything. "

Robert Knowles
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

I was never happy with a denture for my one tooth space and I am delighted that the implant suggested and done by Dr Khaira has worked perfectly. The staff in the very modern surgery are all very helpful and pleasant.

Helen Soutar

I have been a regular at Barnton Dental Spa for a number of years now and I consider the treatment provided as second to none. I have in fact been a patient from before the time Dr Khaira arrived at the practice. I have fairly advanced gum disease and I benefit from both dental and hygienist services provided. Historically I have had specific problems with my upper right teeth and recently I developed a three tooth gap in that area. I discussed the situation with Dr Khaira and the resulting decision was to go for a bridge and two implants.

Initially I did have some trepidation however my concerns soon faded as my treatment progressed. Dr Khaira has the ability to put patients at ease and his calm professional approach is very reassuring. At every step of the way Dr Khaira fully explained procedure and gave reasons for actions taken. I was very impressed by that approach and with the meticulous attention to detail that Dr Khaira applies. I was fully relaxed throughout the whole process. By necessity my treatment was spread over a period of several months however at no point did I have any misgivings or any thought other than the final outcome would be completely satisfactory.

My treatment is now complete and I am delighted with the outcome. The implants that Dr Khaira fitted are genuinely like having new teeth. I did not experience any pain or any real discomfort throughout and I have to say I am extremely pleased with the result. I would have no hesitation in recommending implant surgery to anyone with similar conditions.

This testimonial is specifically written in relation to my recent fitting of implants. I would like to add however that the points regarding attention to detail, professionalism, informative approach and calm reassuring manner apply to all other dentistry work I receive at Barnton Dental Spa. My dentistry is provided by Dr Khaira however on occasions when Dr Khaira has not been available the same level of treatment has been provided by other dental experts at the practice.

I also appreciate the friendly and welcoming approach taken by all nursing staff and off course all administrative personnel. On that note I would like to extend good wishes to Gursinder and her new family.

dentists edinburgh smile makeovers
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers
dentists edinburgh smile makeovers

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It's fair to say that, in my case, the pictures speak for themselves. A combination of teeth that could only be described as reminiscent of a broken piano, were only worsened when I broke my front tooth, throwing my face at a granite bolder whilst hiking! Like most people living with teeth that quite literally, were nothing to smile about, it had been my intention to get them straightened, and in the case of the broken tooth, crowned, as soon as possible.

If you are reading this, you probably already know that by getting your teeth straightened, you're going to notice a huge difference and love the results...

Catriona Brown (Read More)

Before and after photographs always look good. They wouldn't be shown otherwise. Mine are no different. I'm really delighted with the outcome. But photographs can only depict results, and show nothing about how they were achieved. Like a maths exam at school, the correct result is of little use without knowing the workings. In my opinion, the workings don't come any better than they do at BDS. I visited a few places before deciding on my treatment. The decisive factor for me was the personnel, and I made an excellent decision on that basis. Dr Khaira is simply one of the most outstanding professionals I have ever had the pleasure to meet...

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